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Body Lotions & Potions (BLP) has library of specialized base products, up to now, these have been manufactured for specific orders. However, requests from clients who want high quality products in smaller volumes have increased dramatically. New clients require smaller volumes to experiment with or to simply have a salon quality product at a realistic price.

So we developed and launched the “Belladonna” range of products. The “Belladonna” range covers hair care products, beauty salon products, and a range of body care products including shower gels and creams. It also enables clients to purchase products that range in size from 5Kg to 20Kg. This allows clients such as Aroma Therapist’s to experiment with a variety of high quality products to develop and market their own range.

BLP offers the service of adding components to the Belladonna bases then packing the product off into customer supplied packaging. BLP recognizes the increased requirement in the market place for naturally derived products and currently manufactures various ranges for current clientele. We have also spent a great deal of time developing a variety of natural products that have been incorporated into the “Belladonna” range. All products in the range are stable and reliable, and can be modified with a variety of essential oils, fragrances, colours and extracts.

All batches are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are microbiologically tested.