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Body Lotions & Potions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company engaged in creating and developing personalized product ranges for smaller business

Your Exclusive Product Range

Body Lotions and Potions specializes in small run contract manufacture and can supply from 50 to 5,000 units of any product. Personalized service and experience allows the client to launch a new product or range within a realistic budget.

In cases where clients supply formulations, all documentation is treated with strict confidentiality and covered by confidentiality and manufacturing agreements.

Our services include:-

  • Cosmetic Product Concepts and Innovation
  • Product Formulations
  • Manufacture, Filling and Label Application
  • Packaging and Labelling Development

Our “Belladonna” range

Alternatively, for those clients that are just starting out or require high quality base products, our Belladonna  range is available. This range allows clients to purchase a variety of cosmetic and hair products in pack sizes from 5kg to 20kg sizes.

BLP is extremely flexible to meet with client requirements. We also have defined specific formulations and product types to support our client’s business development and expansion.

BLP specializes in working with people and companies that are just getting started, or wanting to expand existing ranges.